Friday, June 26, 2009

Rock Band

Charlotte is working on her emo image.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walk this Way

I can't say that I've always been a consciencious walker. Before I met Will, I was one of those free-minded walk any ole' way kind of girls. Then I met Will and learned that there are rules to walking.

1. ALWAYS walk on the right side of the sidewalk
2. Be aware of the path of the person beside you and do NOT cut them off by taking a crazy sharp turn or edging them off the sidewalk
3. Do not walk so quickly that you leave your loved one behind, feeling lonely and unimportant

After ten years together, these have now become second nature to me. So you can imagine my consternation when I crossed paths with a non-rule-followerer the other day. Last Wednesday morning we took Owen to the free kids' movie and then headed to the Fun Forest for some playtime afterwards. We're on the sidewalk at the park, me in the lead, and there are two ladies approaching from the other direction. They are walking side-by-side, taking up the whole sidewalk. I assume that one of them will drop back so that my family can pass. Neither is moving. They get closer. Still nothing. I'm starting to wonder if I am playing chicken with this lady. I will not jump into the pine needles so that she can continue hogging the sidewalk. So I stop. For a second, I think she contemplates just bowling me over and stepping on my face so that she doesn't have to swerve, but finally, she caves. Am I crazy? I know she doesn't know The Walking Rules, but doesn't this particular behavior fall in the common sense category? So I'm taking a poll...are you a sidewalk hog?

Friday, June 19, 2009


Last week we spent a glorious week in Ocracoke. Will's parents rented a house in the village, and we spent 7 wonderful days being lazy. However, when we weren't lounging around the house, we did have quite a lot of fun...

Our neighbors let us borrow their kayak for the week. All week long Owen talked about putting the kayak in the water. The sight of it strapped to the roof of our car was about to send him over the edge. So on Thursday, Will heaved and hoed, dragged the thing to the sound, threw Owen in the back and headed out into the wild, blue yonder. Yonder being about 40 yards from the sand, because that was when Owen declared, "I want to go back now."
Since Owen was not a fan, Will and I decided to try to go out together. This was not a good idea. This kayak was not made for two adults...hence the dumping that occured when Will tried to get us started. Eventually we did each take our turn kayaking out into the sound. The water was perfect. I could have stayed out for hours, but leaving two babies on the shore while I enjoyed myself seemed a bit selfish. It was fun while it lasted. Oh, and my favorite Owen quote from the week occured on the shore while Will was loading the kayak on the car. We were playing in the water, and I told him that we were going to have to go in a few minutes. He quietly picked up a piece of grass that was floating nearby, cocked his head to the side and declared, "You know, old seaweed is something to think about." That it is.We were blessed to be able to spend an hour on a real boat, one in which Owen was more secure, a large sailboat. Even Will said it was fun (he's not a fan of boats).

Another thing Will is not a fan of, this kite. Notice the face he is making at it. A few things we not let your three year old pick any ole kite he wants. Also, do not buy a kite that looks like a boat. A kite should not have an identity crisis. It should know what type of vessel it is. Because if it gets confused and thinks that it is indeed a boat, well, then it won't fly. And finally, if the package calls it an "Easy Flier," but it has more parts than your average vehicle, the package is lying.
Just had to show off my husband's culinary skills, not to mention the quality grill he was using (note the cinderblocks holding up the rusted-out back legs). The cornish game hens were so, so yummy. And I didn't have to lift a finger. I love vacation.

And of course you have to see my favorite angelic photo of Charlotte. There was another one with her tongue sticking out, but I just can't resist the sweet little smile in this one.

Friday, June 5, 2009


She lies on her back, chubby arms and legs wiggling wildly. Without warning, she slams her legs down, heels thumping the floor. She likes the sound. Again and again she pounds on the floor, satisfied with her newfound power to make noise. Suddenly, she discovers that she can make her playmat sing if she kicks the music box. She stares wonderously at the bright lights dancing in time to Mozart. She is thinking, experimenting; she sticks out her tongue in concentration. Then she notices that I am watching her and warms my heart with an exuberant smile.