Monday, June 16, 2008

My Architect

Is that not the cutest little boy ever? He's participating in his latest favorite activity...building. Mostly he's content to build quietly, constructing castles, garages, and rockets, but occasionally, he wants a building companion. As you can see, this fine structure is a garage (since there is a pickup truck parked inside). It is I who insists on making them look like castles, with columns and triangles perched on top. I had done just that when Owen decided he didn't like my triangle or the fact that I put a ramp on the other side, so he removed them. It is usually when he starts removing my additions that I decide to quietly bow out of the building process, so I slunk away to the couch to read my book. He immediately stops building and says in the sweetest voice ever, "Mommy, build with me." As I pick up book to read, I calmly explain that it's not much fun to play if he always takes apart the parts that I build. Then I hear, "See, isn't that nice?" I look up to find my triangle back on top, the ramp in place, and my little boy smiling the most endearing smile. How can you resist after that? So back on the floor I went.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What about dining out, any way to get paid for that?

I enjoy eating in restaurants way too much. It's not that I don't like to cook, because I do. There's just something about going somewhere to eat that makes me ridiculously happy. We live on a budget and this is the one line item that requires real self-control on my part. I usually plan to eat out once a week when making the menu, and I have to admit that I actually think about that event several days in advance. I muse about where I would like to eat and what I would order. The day of, I actually get excited about going--even if it's just Chick fil A. My mother and father-in-law visited this weekend, and I must say that their love of going out makes me love them even more. We went to a dim sum restaurant yesterday and our favorite bakery/deli today. So incredibly yummy. It's not that I need to get paid for watching movies and eating--we're not desperate for cash. It would just make me feel better about my habits if they produced something other than couch-butt and fry-thighs.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Can You Get Paid to Watch Movies?

I love watching movies. I like to blame it on my parents owning a video store at one time, but in reality, I think it's genetic. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Somehow I managed to marry a fantastic husband, who unfortunately does not share my passion for film. So, alas, I wait for a rotation that involves far too many night shifts and go crazy. I have watched a ridiculous number of movies in the last few weeks. As best I can recall, I have seen: An Unfinished Life, Because I Said So, Becoming Jane, We Are Marshall, Knocked Up, Chicken Little, Monster-in-law, Fargo, Enchanted, and A History of Violence. I tried to get through Away From Her but it was just too darn depressing. And so many more movies that I want to watch! The list just keeps growing. So if you've seen any great ones lately, please share. Oh, and the list above isn't a recommendation list. Loved some, hated others. If you haven't seen An Unfinished Life, you should give it a try; it was my favorite.