Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cute kids

Since I have not posted anything about my children in over a year, I think it's time to record all of the funny things I have written down lately.  If not, the little slips of paper and memories floating around in my mind will be lost forever.  Some of these were on Facebook, but those are hard to recover, so I apologize for the repetition.

1.  We were at the pool a few weeks ago, and Charlotte had a tornado (dive toy) that another boy had commandeered.  She wanted it back but was too afraid to approach him and ask in a voice loud enough to be heard.  Owen realized what had happened and asked the boy very nicely if he could have it back for his sister.  After Owen handed the toy to her, she turned to me and with the most adoring face declared, "Owen's my brother."

2.  Christmastime, 2010:  Owen and I were scrounging through the pantry, pulling out non-perishables to donate to a food pantry.  After putting one too many practical food items in a bag he said, "They need treats too.  That way if they have kids, they can have a treat.  We should put in some money too, so they can buy a house."

3.  November 2011:  During his soccer game, Owen was playing goalie and blocked a kid's kick. He then apologized to the boy who tried to score the goal. This falls in line with his statement early in the season that being goalie seemed kind of mean, "You're always stopping people from being able to score."

4.  July 2011:  I told Owen that exercise helps your body get stronger. His reply, "That's what Allegra does. It helps you stop sneezing and it helps you get stronger."  At the time, he only watched pbs shows that have no commercials. What the heck? Has Allegra embedded subliminal messages in Curious George?
5.  Sometime in the past 18 months:  Owen told Will that he didn't want him to read to him before bed.  Will then declared that he wouldn't get any books read to him at all.  I, wanting to bring peace to their relationship, said, "You should tell Daddy that you're sorry."  Owen's reply:  "But will that help me get books?"

6.  Owen's second day of Kindergarten, as he is getting off the bus, "Mom, I like riding the bus!  I made a new friend on the bus!  We played a game where you hit your foreheads.  Not your own.  You punch each other in the forehead.  It was fun!"  That was the last time he rode the bus.

7.  Fall 2011:  Owen, my cautious, safety-conscious child decided to foil the criminals as we were heading in for the evening and leaning his bike against a tree in our front yard.  He shoved his bike helmet under a pile of leaves and declared with pride, "Hey Mommy, I hid my helmet!  So if anybody tries to take my bike, they won't be able to ride it safely.  They'll fall down and get hurt."  How's that for criminal justice?

8.  Owen and Charlotte watched Curious George 2 a few months ago.  There is a scene where an angry little man is bent on doing his job, no matter that that involves putting a sweet little monkey in handcuffs.  Owen, with lip trembling and righteous anger on his face, said, "If I were there, and that was real, I would punch that man in the bottom!!"

 9.  And speaking of bottoms, around that same time Charlotte had a terrible bout of diarrhea.  After many unhappy trips to the bathroom over a course of two or three days, she was getting better.  I went into the bathroom with her, and she finally had a normal poopy.  She finished, stood up, looked in the potty and said with great excitement, "No more chicken poopy, yay!!!"  Not sure where that comparison came from, but it amused me.

If I've forgotten something funny that I've told you about, please remind me in the comments.

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